3 Track Buggy Features You Need For Landscaping

For anyone who is in the landscaping industry, you know how much material transportation is involved. Moving dirt, gravel, concrete, and many other materials can be very time consuming and hard labor for your team. Track buggies are one way of making this process go much quicker and help keep your team fresh for doing the jobs that are actually making you money. We have had landscapers tell us that using these buggies can reduce the need for general labor workers which can make your jobs and business much more profitable.

If you think this may be a good fit for your landscaping company, there are a few features that are crucial to have in a track buggy, specifically for landscaping. The reason for these needed features are because landscapers are rarely in open areas and they have to be able to maneuver on lots of different ground types and terrain. In this blog, we will look at 3 features that are crucial to have on a track buggy for landscaping.

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As you know, sometimes the areas that you’re working in are not the most accessible. Often times, track buggies are made too wide to fit through smaller openings like fence gates, making them useful on only a select number of jobs. If the track buggy is able to fit into most of the areas that you’re working, which a lot of the time are backyards, you will see the benefits very quickly as you will be able to use the buggy often.



Some of the higher end track buggies have some cool features but the controls are quite complicated to pick up. This can result in less efficient operation. It can also be dangerous for younger students in the industry who don't have much, if any, experience operating machinery.

If the controls are less complicated to use and figure out you won't have to worry as much about your team using the buggy incorrectly. If people are comfortable with the controls quickly, it will get used way more on your job sites and will not be putting anyone in danger. 



Depending on the style of track buggy, it may or may not be able to effectively move most of your key materials. This can turn into an issue when a big investment only helps you 20% of the time. If you are transporting tons of brick and block vs. gravel and sod, its important to keep that in mind when inspecting the type of bucket on the buggy you're looking to invest in. Generally, most buckets can accommodate most materials, much like a wheelbarrow can accommodate most things in some respects. But, there are different styles of buckets out there that may be more suited to the main type of materials you are moving. Make sure you speak with the manufactures about what type of materials their tack buggies are most suited for.


We have had landscapers use our track buggies and tell us that is changed how their crews runs. These machines can greatly increase your profits per job by reducing labor costs and the time it takes to complete each job.




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