Section 179: Your Time Is Running Out

It’s that time of year again where everyone is tying up loose ends before the New Year rolls in; and with 2016 coming to a close, we want to remind businesses about Section 179 of the IRS tax code.


What Is Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code?

In short, it allows you to deduct the full purchase price of a piece of qualifying equipment purchased during the 2016 tax year, from your gross income. Yep… you read that correctly. Awesome right?


It’s one of the few initiatives the United States government has implemented to encourage and motivate American businesses to buy necessary equipment, and invest in themselves. Not only will this help build your business, but hopefully as a result, it will create more jobs for the American people. Initially it was created as a much welcomed tax relief for small businesses, but millions of businesses, varying in size, are reaping the benefits. It really is a win - win opportunity.


If you’re a business owner in the U.S. I’m sure you understand how the basic concept of tax write offs work. – If you buy specific items or equipment that are applicable according to the ‘write off’ guidelines, typically you would write them off over a series of time through “depreciation”.

For example, say you’re looking to make a large investment on a piece of equipment that costs $100,000; you would write off $20,000 a year, for 5 years. (note**these numbers are only meant for example)


Although you are still able to benefit from the write offs over a period of time, many business owners would prefer to write off the entire cost in the year that they made the purchase, to help offset the large (and pricey) financial investment.


It Gets Better…

Not only do you have the opportunity to write off one large item or equipment purchase, but you can write off the cost of multiple equipment purchases made this year up to $500,000 on your 2016 tax return.


A Few Other Important Details

  • 2016 Deduction Limit is $500,000 and is good for new and used equipment.
  • The equipment must be financed or purchased and put into service by the end of December 2016.
  • The incentive has a spending cap of $2,000,000 before the government implements a reduction of the available tax deduction, on a dollar by dollar basis. making it a genuine “small business tax incentive”


What Qualifies?


To help you out, we’ve added a link to a 2016 Section 179 Deduction Calculator. Simply click HERE and input the applicable information.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 6.33.12 AM.png

Buying before Dec 31st is incredibly beneficial! For more information on Section 179 you can visit where you will find everything you need to know about Section 179, as well as the appropriate contact information for any other questions you may have.





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