Terminator Comparison: Which Model is Right for You?

Our Terminator line is one that Bartell Global is very proud of. A lot of time and hard work went in to making the very best possible ride-on floor scraper for our customers and that hardwork has paid off. Our Terminators outperform any other ride-on floor scraper on the market, and it continues to be an industry favourite. But with different versions, many aren’t always sure which machine is best for them.

So if you’re one of those people looking to quickly understand the main differences, so you can get the right ride-on floor scraper for you, we’ve highlighted the main differences below to make it easier. 




This propane machine is designed to tackle the most aggressive jobs. It weighs in at approximately 2310lbs (1048kg), making it that much more aggressive when tearing up VCT, carpet, ceramic, hardwood, roofing material, sports courts, and just about any other flooring material. With incredibly high production rates and ergonomic, operator friendly controls and maneuverability, you can speed through the toughest projects thanks to the 1475 ft.lbs (1999.8 nm) of total wheel torque. This machine is a favourite for many contractors booking jobs with a lot of square footage to cover.


Although the T2200 Pro is an excellent option for some, the weight restrictions for some jobs and elevators don’t allow for the use of this machine. Also, although it meets Tier III CARB and EPA emissions standards, there are some locations and job that still won’t allow for the use of propane floor removal equipment for various reasons… Which is why we have created electric powered Terminators as you’ll see below.



The XME’s extremely small, compact design makes for a very agile and productive machine. It easily fits through any standard doorway or onto elevators leaving no concern for weight restrictions. Its zero emissions battery drive system doesn’t compromise on power or performance making it an incredibly efficient option for contractions who have weight and emission restrictions to follow.


This is a better option for smaller jobs with less square footage, or jobs removing VCT, vinyl, carpet, and many other flooring materials that may not need the same aggressiveness that you get with the T2200 Pro.



The T3000 EI is the newest version of our EI models. Weighing in at 2784lbs (1263kg), with the options of additional weight pack, this incredibly powerful machine will easily remove 80-90% of coverings on the first pass. The new redesigned frame fits through any standard doorway or elevator with ease.

Like the others, the T3000 EI is equipped with ergonomic controls that’s allows for easy maneuverability and operator comfort. The Zero memory battery offers limited maintenance and zero emissions for those unable to use propane equipment.


For smaller jobs, some may find the weight of the machine doesn’t comply with some weight restrictions, but that is easy to determine ahead of time.

The high production rates, redesigned frame and easy operations makes the T3000 an industry favourite, and the most productive battery powered ride-on-floor scraper on the market. It is by far one of our best-selling machines.  



Our Terminator line offers an efficient machine option for any contractor or job. Understanding the differences between the models is important so you can make the right decision to acheive the maximum production rate potential.

We are always trying to improve our equipment, including the Terminator line, to make sure we're offering our customers the best possible quality. If you have any other questions or maybe even suggestions, we encourage that you share them  with our team so we can do a better job as supporting our customers and giving them exactly what they want. 






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