Residential Polished Concrete Questions & Answers, and the Pros & Cons

By Randy Wheelis December 15, 2021

Polished concrete floors in residential applications are becoming really popular, especially in..

Grinding & Polishing Concrete: 3 Reasons It's Better to Use a Floor System

By Josh Locke September 15, 2021

Grinding and Polishing floor system are developed procedures with a series of steps, that when..

5 Concrete Polishing Tips to Increase Profits

By Josh Locke May 3, 2021

 Polished Concrete is a flooring option that is becoming more and more popular every day. With the..

9 Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes You Could be Making

By Randy Wheelis April 20, 2021

Surface Preparation and concrete polishing is a competitive industry and the ability to achieve..

Concrete polishing reality check

By Randy Wheelis March 9, 2020

7 unexpected results of polished concrete.

Understanding How Metal Bond Diamond Tooling Actually Works

By Randy Wheelis June 30, 2017

Without understanding how each metal bond tooling option works or does its job, it’s easy to select..

Grinder Rentals Checklist- What You Need To Get

By Brian Fortner February 9, 2017

If you are going to rent a concrete grinder, there are some key things that you need to remember..

Beginner Tips to Starting Your DIY Concrete Makeover With Small Grinders

By Josh Locke February 3, 2017

This blog is written for all you Do-It-Yourselfers looking to refurbish concrete. Whether it’s a..

How to Polish Concrete: iShine Floor System

By Brian Fortner October 28, 2016

The iShine Floor System is a multi- variation, step by step procedure that was developed by a team..

Wet VS. Dry Grinding and Polishing

By Josh Locke October 20, 2016

When it comes to grinding and polishing concrete, many of you may know that it can be done wet, or..

Quick Guide to Bartell Global’s Grinding and Polishing Tooling

By Brian Fortner October 7, 2016

Tooling can make or break a job. Whether you’re a Rental House, Dealer, a Contractor, or a DIY..

5 Things Pros Do Before Polishing Concrete

By Josh Locke September 29, 2016

If you’re new to polishing or want better results, we’ve put together 5 things the Pros do that..

How Many Heads Does A Great Grinder Polisher Need?

By Josh Locke November 20, 2015

As it pertains to concrete Floor Grinders, contractors today have a ton of options when making a..

Introducing the iShine Floor System

By Josh Locke July 25, 2015

The term ‘floor system’ is often used when referring to a developed procedure that contains a..


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