Compacting a Base for Pavers

By Brian Fortner July 7, 2021

The concept of a base paver is fairly basic; the plate vibrates below the machine causing smaller..

2 key compaction tips

By Mike Huggins July 20, 2018

In any type of construction, it’s often your base or foundation that determines the long-lasting..

3 Features You Need to Have on Your Forward Plate Compactor

By Chris Windsor April 18, 2018

Forward Plate Compactors are used for compacting many different kinds of base materials when..

Which Plate Compactor Should You Use?

By Chris Windsor December 1, 2017

Compaction is one of the most important processes in many applications. Whether you are laying..

3 Construction Items To Increase Landscaping Productivity

By Brian Fortner September 5, 2017

Landscaping is an industry that is continue to grow around the world. With new products and designs..

2 Ways The BR1570 Reversible Compactor Can Increase Your Profits

By Brian Fortner June 16, 2017

The BR1570 is the smallest reversible compactor in our line-up. The small size makes it one of the..

Two Common Compaction Mistakes, and How to Avoid Them

By Brian Fortner May 23, 2017

Using a compactor may seem like a simple task, but the professionals who use them consistently will..

How a Tamping Rammer Can Benefit Your Business

By Brian Fortner August 26, 2016

Compactors. They’re a necessity on the job site for most concrete workers out there today. But can..

Rammer Vs. Compactor: Which is Right For Me?

By Brian Fortner August 24, 2016

Compaction is one of the most important steps for many construction projects. A properly compacted..

3 Things to Remember When Buying a Tamping Rammer

By Brian Fortner August 1, 2016

Compared to a lot of other concrete construction equipment out there, a tamping rammer (or jumping..

A Bartell Compactor Goes Head-to-Head with 2 Big Competitors [Case Study]

By Brian Fortner March 28, 2016

When comparing products, very rarely is the cheaper product the better choice. This can’t be said..

Buying a Plate Compactor: 2 Lesser-Known Features to Consider

By Brian Fortner March 18, 2016

While it's important to understand that your mileage may vary when it comes to the importance of..

1 Key to Keep in Mind When Buying a Forward Plate Compactor

By Brian Fortner March 7, 2016

There are so many features to look out for and compare when purchasing or renting a plate..

Plate Compactors: How to Get More From Them

By Brian Fortner March 1, 2016


A New Class in Compaction

By Chris Windsor May 27, 2015

A New Class in Compaction


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