Walk-Behind Floor Removal Machines Vs. Ride-Ons: Which is Right For You?

By Josh Locke September 2, 2021

In the industry of floor demolition, thanks to advancements in floor scraping technology, there are..

What is the Best Walk Behind Floor Removal Machine For Your Rental Fleet?

By Josh Locke June 23, 2021

I know your main priority is ROI.... and I know it's tempting think that buying the cheapest..

How to Use a Concrete Scarifier like a Pro

By Josh Locke June 9, 2021

Concrete Scarifying is a fairly basic operation, but like most construction-related operations, you..

9 Common Grinding and Polishing Mistakes You Could be Making

By Randy Wheelis April 20, 2021

Surface Preparation and concrete polishing is a competitive industry and the ability to achieve..

"I got the machine, now where do I get the work?"

By Randy Wheelis March 30, 2020

So you finally “bit the bullet”, spent the money, and got the machine. Maybe it a ride-on floor..

Concrete polishing reality check

By Randy Wheelis March 9, 2020

7 unexpected results of polished concrete.

How to avoid losing money on floor removal jobs – 8 things to know

By Randy Wheelis February 19, 2020

Guys ask me all the time if floor-removal jobs are profitable and worth doing? My response?..

Ride-on Floor Scraper Rental - To Rent or Not to Rent

By Mike Huggins July 30, 2018

Ride on Floor Scrapers are one of the most productive ways to remove flooring materials such as..

BEF 200N- Set-Up & Basic Operation (Video)

By Mike Huggins March 16, 2018

This video blog is a quick overview on the set-up and basic operation of the BEF 200N Scarifier. It..

Quick Beginner Tips to Improve Your Concrete Floor Grinding

By Josh Locke September 18, 2017

If you're new to concrete grinding, I'm sure you've realized that it can be a lot more complicated..

5 Things I Learned When Grinding Concrete for the First Time

By Chris Windsor August 21, 2017

Using a concrete grinder is something that I always wanted to do when I started working at Bartell..

Concrete Equipment Consumer Checklist: Know Which Questions to Ask

By Josh Locke August 14, 2017

If you’re a contractor or dealer working in, or serving the site and surface preparation, and..

3 Reasons You'll Want to Rent OR Buy This Walk Behind Floor Scraper

By Josh Locke July 28, 2017

Having the right equipment for the job is must if you want to succeed in the surface preparation..

3 All-Day Battery Ride-On Floor Scraper Buying Tips

By Mike Huggins May 12, 2017

If you’re in the floor demolition industry and have used a Ride-On Floor Scraper before, you know..

Terminator Talk: New Ride-On Floor Scraper Feature

By Mike Huggins April 28, 2017

Bartell Global is comprised of people with different skills and experience that help to build a..

Terminator Ride-On Floor Scraper Comparison: T3000EI Vs. Infinity

By Josh Locke April 21, 2017

The Terminator Ride-On Floor Scraper line has been around since the early 90’s. The original..

Ride on Floor Scrapers: 2 Things You Could Be Doing Wrong

By Josh Locke April 13, 2017

Ride on Floor Scrapers are built for tough flooring removal. Our Terminators can easily rip through..

How to Compare Floor Scrapers

By Mike Huggins April 7, 2017

If you’re in the floor demolition industry, I am sure you know what a floor scraper is. Floor..

When To Use A Concrete Scarifier

By Josh Locke March 8, 2017

A Concrete Scarifier is one of the most productive pieces of surface prep equipment for heavy..

Single Phase VS. Three Phase Power: North American Edition

By Josh Locke February 23, 2017

The concrete and construction industry is very obviously dependent on heavy duty equipment. Most..

Grinder Rentals Checklist- What You Need To Get

By Brian Fortner February 9, 2017

If you are going to rent a concrete grinder, there are some key things that you need to remember..

AGM vs. Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

By Brian Fortner February 7, 2017

Batteries are one of those topics that seem pretty straight forward at first glance, but are..

Terminator Comparison: Which Model is Right for You?

By Josh Locke January 6, 2017

Our Terminator line is one that Bartell Global is very proud of. A lot of time and hard work went..

What is a Vertical Shot Blaster?

By John Hill December 9, 2016

Vertical Shot Blasters are a very unique piece of equipment that not everyone has had the..

Know When to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Scarifying

By Brian Fortner November 25, 2016

Scarifying is a form of surface preparation with many benefits. Scarifiers are a faster, more..

What is a Scarifier?

By John Hill November 11, 2016

Scarifiers are incredibly beneficial when used appropriately for the purpose they were created for...

How to Polish Concrete: iShine Floor System

By Brian Fortner October 28, 2016

The iShine Floor System is a multi- variation, step by step procedure that was developed by a team..

Wet VS. Dry Grinding and Polishing

By Josh Locke October 20, 2016

When it comes to grinding and polishing concrete, many of you may know that it can be done wet, or..

Small Grinders: Best Options for Dealers and Rental Houses

By Josh Locke October 14, 2016

Generally, we don’t like to do too many product focused blogs because we like offer objective..

Quick Guide to Bartell Global’s Grinding and Polishing Tooling

By Brian Fortner October 7, 2016

Tooling can make or break a job. Whether you’re a Rental House, Dealer, a Contractor, or a DIY..

5 Things Pros Do Before Polishing Concrete

By Josh Locke September 29, 2016

If you’re new to polishing or want better results, we’ve put together 5 things the Pros do that..

Walk Behind Floor Removal Machine Purchase Check List

By Josh Locke September 27, 2016

When looking to purchase a walk behind floor scraper there are a few key areas that you should pay..

Comparing Walk Behind Floor Removal Machines

By Josh Locke September 20, 2016

In the flooring removal industry, there are many options out there. Everything from manual scrapers..

The Importance of Choosing the Right Dust Extraction Equipment

By Josh Locke September 16, 2016

Choosing the right Dust Extraction Equipment for whatever machine you’re using, or having the..

CFM vs. Water Lift - Dust Extraction Equipment

By Josh Locke September 8, 2016

In the construction and demolition industries Vacuums or Dust Extraction Equipment are used as a..

Why You Want Jet Pulse Filter Cleaning

By Josh Locke August 18, 2016

Jet Pulse filter cleaning, is an important feature for dust extractor systems with certified..

Bartell Global Acquires Contec NA

By Josh Locke August 8, 2016

Bartell Global Equipment Expansion in the North American Surface Preparation Market

The Concrete Grinder Purchase Check List for Rental Companies

By Mike Huggins August 5, 2016

If you are a rental company purchasing equipment, then you know the value of getting a good return..

Silica Dust is Not Just Dust: Are you Protected?

By Brian Fortner August 3, 2016

We’ve recently been investing some time trying to build awareness regarding the new Silica..

Enclosed Shot Blasting Vs. Open Blasting: What Would You Choose?

By John Hill July 21, 2016

Shot Blasting is a form of surface preparation that utilizes a couple different execution options...

Enclosed Shot Blasting VS. Grinding: Common Misconception

By John Hill July 8, 2016

If you have spent any time in the surface preparation industry, I’m sure you have heard many big..

Shot Blasting Profile Basics: What You Need to Know

By John Hill July 4, 2016

Shot Blasting is a type of surface preparation that is a bit underrated. Over the past few years..

Earn More Customers with Ride-On Floor Scraping

By Josh Locke June 8, 2016

If you’re a carpet or floor installer and have heard of ride-on floor scrapers but never tried one,..

2 Factors That Make a Solid Ride-On Floor Scraper

By Josh Locke June 2, 2016

When you’re making an investment on a brand new piece of equipment like a ride-on floor scraper,..

When Are You Ready to Buy a Ride-On Floor Scraper?

By Josh Locke May 30, 2016

Contractors who only occasionally need to pull up a floor using a ride-on floor scraper tend to..

When is Shot Blasting More Desirable Than Using a Floor Grinder? [Video]

By Mike Huggins May 2, 2016

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Mike Huggins. I’m with SPE North America. I’m in charge of North American..

Metal Bond Diamonds - How to Choose the Correct Bond

By Chris Windsor April 13, 2016

When buying metal bond diamonds, one of the questions you need to answer is what bond do you need?

3 Metal Bond Buying Tips

By Chris Windsor April 8, 2016

When grinding or polishing concrete, good diamond tooling is an essential part of the process. With..

How Many Heads Does A Great Grinder Polisher Need?

By Josh Locke November 20, 2015

As it pertains to concrete Floor Grinders, contractors today have a ton of options when making a..

The Top Mistake Made When Buying a Ride-On Floor Scraper

By Chris Windsor August 31, 2015


Introducing the iShine Floor System

By Josh Locke July 25, 2015

The term ‘floor system’ is often used when referring to a developed procedure that contains a..

Beginners Guide to Surface Prep

By Josh Locke June 16, 2015

Surface Preparation. What's it about? Even if you're a pro in the industry, there may be some..

What makes a great Ride-on Floor Scraper?

By Tony Do May 11, 2015


If you are in the floor removal business, you..

What is Shotblasting? - Shotblast Education Month

By Josh Locke April 10, 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Shot Blasting” before in the surface preparation industry. It..

Applications & Uses Of Shot blasting - Shot blasting Education Month

By Josh Locke April 1, 2015

Why Shotblasting Education month? Over the past 6 months, we have heard an increasing interest in..


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