How to Use a Concrete Scarifier like a Pro

By Josh Locke June 9, 2021

Concrete Scarifying is a fairly basic operation, but like most construction-related operations, you..

BEF 200N- Set-Up & Basic Operation (Video)

By Mike Huggins March 16, 2018

This video blog is a quick overview on the set-up and basic operation of the BEF 200N Scarifier. It..

When To Use A Concrete Scarifier

By Josh Locke March 8, 2017

A Concrete Scarifier is one of the most productive pieces of surface prep equipment for heavy..

Know When to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Scarifying

By Brian Fortner November 25, 2016

Scarifying is a form of surface preparation with many benefits. Scarifiers are a faster, more..

What is a Scarifier?

By John Hill November 11, 2016

Scarifiers are incredibly beneficial when used appropriately for the purpose they were created for...


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