Grinding & Polishing Concrete: 3 Reasons It's Better to Use a Floor System

Grinding and Polishing floor system are developed procedures with a series of steps, that when followed correctly, will help you to achieve a desired, high quality concrete finish.

A quality floor system should offer various finish outcomes, such as high and low gloss finishes, with exposed aggregate or not, as well as some other key differences.

Each concrete floor is different, so it’s helpful to have a good understanding of concrete, and concrete grinding and polishing experience before you jump into a floor system. Like anything, not knowing the basics, or not effectively understanding concrete or the grinding polishing process, could affect the quality of your outcome.

Once you ask the right questions, however, and do the appropriate research, a floor system will make your life so much easier.

Here are 3 reasons why:


Effective Floor Systems should be tested by many different contractors and engineers on various concrete floors to make sure that they will produce quality outcomes. 

iShine Floor System

The professional, hands-on experience that goes into creating a professional floor system adds significant value to the grinding and polishing process, because it’s like bringing all those professionals onto the job site with you. It's been tested repeatedly, so the adjustments were made as issues came up. They’ve worked through the “trial and error” phase of grinding and polishing so you don’t have to. You can feel confident knowing that if you follow the steps correctly, you’ll end up with a professional finish.


  1. You Can use It As A Selling Feature

When discussing various finish outcomes with a customer who has hired you to (re)finish their floor, floor systems come in handy in explaining the possible outcomes, especially to someone who doesn’t work in the industry.

You can use the floor system’s brochures, photos, website, and other marketing material to help your customer understand the different potential outcomes. This is also helpful in managing clients’ expectations. In this sense, the floor system not only becomes beneficial for you, but it becomes beneficial for the customer. It will help to clarify what is realistic and what isn’t. Having everyone on the same page before you begin will prevent avoidable frustrations and misunderstandings.  


  1. Save Time and Money

Other than the physical labor, floor systems already have a lot of planning work done for you which will save you time. It explains what steps need to be taken, and when.

iShine Floor System - Polished concrete floor warehouse

Additionally, the bill of materials is laid out clearly. Depending on the equipment and the size/needs of the job, you can easily calculate how much tooling you’ll need. This will help to eliminate purchasing more than you need.

Any time you can save in planning translates into money saved. The quicker you can get through each project, the faster you’ll be able to move on to the next one.


There are countless reasons a floor system is a great choice. It will help manage client expectations with clear descriptions and examples of potential floor finishes, reduce planning time by having most of the planning already done for you, increase productivity by following the steps that have been effectively tested and put together by experienced industry professionals, and ultimately save you time and money.

For a more detailed guide on achieving great results on your concrete polishing projects, or if you are just learning, we have just the thing for you... Download the guide below. 

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