4 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Diamond Blades

When it comes time to buy diamond blades there are a few things you should take in to account before making your purchase. What are you cutting? What kind of saw are you using? Is the application wet or dry? What is the diameter of blade that you need? These four questions can help you find the perfect blade that will help you get the most of the job you’re working on.


One: What are you cutting?


This will determine the metallurgical bond of the blade necessary. The bond is a combination of metals used to form the segment, and what controls how fast new diamond is exposed during the cutting process. Use a blade for the specific material you are cutting. Any reputable manufacturer will list what materials you can cut on the package. The wrong bond will lead to blade failure in different ways; too soft of a bond and the blade will wear out too fast. Too hard of a bond and the blade will stop cutting shortly after you start using it.


Two: What kind of saw are you using?


Different horsepower requires different types of blades. Higher horsepower saws require more diamond than low horsepower saws. Saw RPMs vary by setup for blade size. For example, you can take a 48hp saw that is set up for a 36” blade, and install an 18” blade guard for smaller requirements. If the pulleys aren’t changed, the blade will turn at the recommended speed of a 36” which is much too slow for an 18”. These factors have to be taken in to account to get the best performance out of your blades.


Three: Is the application your cutting wet or dry?


Knowing if you will have water on the job site is important when selecting any Diamond Blade. Smaller diamond blades are designed to cut dry but can also cut equally well wet. The key to dry cutting is making shallow passes, and letting the blade spin in the air every minute or so to cool it down. Larger diameter (24” and above) must be used with water because of the depth of cut. There is no easy way to cool large diameter blades without water.


Four: What size of Diamond Blade do I need?


There are a lot of different things to consider when selecting your Diamond Blade. Many of those variables revolve around what tool you’re using. You always want to make sure you’re putting the right size blade on the right saw. The RPM of the saw will vary based on the blade diameter it’s designed for. Always use the tool (or saw) that’s designed for the cutting depth you need, and then choose your diamond blade to suit. See the depth chart below:


If you ask yourself these four questions this will help you pick out the right and best suited blade for you and your job.

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