The Truth About Consolidation & Anodized Aluminum Truss Screeds


Why are we doing Screed Education Month?  After the success of our Shotblasting Education Month in April, we’ve decided to continue the series and teach about another one of our signature products, our vibratory screed line.  With many years of experience in manufacturing and using screed, we want to challenge misconceptions about screeding, provide practical education, and show you how effective screeding can take your business to the next level. 

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140619 BartellMorrisonInc_EquipmentShoot_Revised-92Based on the chart above, truss screed has many benefits over the One Man Vibratory Screed (OMVS). It does a great job of leveling and consolidating, gradeability is good and you won’t find a better way to screed on form. While initial cost is considerably higher than the OMVS, it is significantly lower than a laser screed.

Compare a 25’ hydraulic powered super screed with the cost of a laser and you’ll see as much as a 90% lower cost depending on the unit in comparison. With adjustable turn buckles, you won’t find a better method of crowning.

When it comes to pours where accuracy is key, Morrison truss screed is capable of producing FL 50 numbers. In addition, you’ve got the highest vibration levels available at up to 14,000 vibrations per minute. This high vpm is what allows you to work with as little as zero slump concrete with a lightweight aluminum truss.  We’ve eliminated the need for heavy weight with our high vibrations.  It also provides you with exceptional speed, as much as 25% faster than conventional truss screed. One of the best things about the Morrison screed is its ability to keep running even after bearing failure.

Our patented bearing design allows for up to 20% of bearings to fail while continuing to operate. As you know, bearings never fail with the unit on the shelf.

Compare this with all other brands of truss screed that will stop with the first bearing failure.

Setup on a job is quick and easy, and the aluminum / magnesium components make it a snap to move around.

  • Powered by highly efficient Honda engines that burn less than 1 gallon (3.8L) of fuel in an 8 hour day
  • Vibrations are distributed through a rotating shaft that oscillates inside durable bearing housings
  • Turnbuckles located along entire length to make it easy to adjust for crowns, valleys or flat surfaces. Adjustments can be made up to 1/4” per foot and jam nuts lock it firmly in place to meet demanding “F” floor specifications
  • Lightweight aluminum/magnesium frame provides exceptional strength and durability
  • Bolted construction throughout – no welds to break, no need for special tools. Parts can be easily replaced on the job site if necessary
  • Rentals are available through dealers around the country. Try it first, and see how easy it is.
  • Steel rails available for those that require them.

Overall there are many reasons that a truss screed is the right choice instead of a OMVS and even a laser screed. But if you're struggling to know which one would be the best for your business, check back next week when we stack these two against each other and discover why you'd choose one over the other.


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