Understanding Production Rates in Reversible Plate Compactors

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Reversible compactors are awesome. They increase production by having a forward and reverse option. This means:

  • They’re easier to use
  • Much more versatile
  • Faster than regular forward plates

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The Hidden Fact in Production Rates

BR2750 Reversible Plate Compactor

As a contractor or rental house, production is a #1 priority. Pulling the machine backwards is often easier and quicker than turning it around.

This is the entire purpose of a machine that runs forward and back: saving the operator time.  If it can’t perform this task, it renders itself no better than a forward-only.

What often goes unsaid about certain reversible machines is that many of them only run at half speed in reverse.

The truth is moving backwards is only going to be half as effective if the compactor doesn’t travel the same speed in forward and reverse.

Getting What You Pay For

What you want is a true reversible; operating at the same speed regardless of which direction you’re travelling.

It’s important to discover, through hands-on experience or prior research, whether your machine is going to perform.  Simple internet searches yield tons of results of operators using these compactors in ways that are telling about its directional capabilities.


#1 Question to Ask

Does this machine run the same speed in reverse as forward?

This is the key to determining whether or not your investment is going to earn you the highest potential ROI.

Not everyone realizes this potential downfall of top brands.  This means you might be buying or renting a machine from someone who doesn’t know better about its effectiveness when in reverse.

Take your time, do the research, and ask the right questions. If possible, we always suggest you test the machine out before buying.

If you want to see a hands-on demo, we’re happy to set you up with one locally.  Contact us for a time to check out how our compactors truly run full speed regardless of how you handle them.

See for yourself why this product line is quickly becoming one of our biggest sellers to contractors worldwide.

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