Earn More Customers with Ride-On Floor Scraping

If you’re a carpet or floor installer and have heard of ride-on floor scrapers but never tried one, you might be surprised how easy it is to expand your business in a way that is going to please your existing customers and earn you new ones.

Especially because your competitors likely don’t offer floor removal in addition to installation, you have the opportunity to not only earn more from your existing customers, but attract a wider client-base due to your diverse services.


What is a Ride-On Floor Scraper?

For the sake of being thorough, a ride-on floor scraper is a machine that the operator rides on that tears or scrapes up flooring. The types of flooring that can be removed will vary based on the machine and manufacturer, but there are a lot of common flooring types that can be torn up, such as:

• Carpet
• Hardwood (nailed or glued)
• Epoxy
• Glue/adhesives
• Ceramic tile


The Benefits of Adding Floor Scraping to Your Business

The One-Stop Shop

Arguably the biggest benefit to floor scraping for you as an installer is the ability to become the one-stop shop for your customers’ flooring needs.

As you know, typically floors need to be torn up before a new one can be put down. You take the guesswork out of your clients’ lives by being the single contractor responsible for a given project.

This results in less time they spend searching for a contractor who is up to spec on their job. You already know the client and you already know the job. This is going to result in a huge benefit for your clients.


Save Your Customers Money

Because you’re the one stop-shop, you can bundle your services together for a reduced rate of what your customer would pay if they went elsewhere.

As long as the extra money you would make would still be beneficial to you, it will entice your customers that much more to offer them a deal on multiple services with you.

Appealing to your customer’s budget, and helping him come in under it, is going to practically guarantee you repeat business in the future.


Save Your Customers Time

Because you already are on the job site working, you have greater control over how long a particular process is going to take.

Not only do you have greater control over the timeline, but you have the ability to more accurately predict one from the beginning. If you can minimize the switch-over time that would come with having two different flooring contractors on the same job, your customer is going to see a huge benefit in choosing you for both.


Wider Customer Base

Suddenly, your business just became a candidate for floor removal jobs. You’re no longer limited to just installing.

Because you now appeal to a bigger customer base, theoretically you are eligible to bid on more jobs and hopefully get more offers in return.

Your amount of competitors also just decreased because you became more versatile in the entire removal and installation process. Fewer contractors will be able to do both, so your business now has another reason to stand out from your competitors.



Adding a ride-on floor scraper to your business is much easier than most people believe, and can add a significant amount of value to your company. The right job can pay off the machine by a single customer, and then all of the use you gain from it afterwards is almost entirely money in your pocket.

If you’ve ever been hesitant to consider growing your business, a re-evaluation might be in order. There’s never been a better time to get a ride-on floor scraper and increase profits.

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