How a Tamping Rammer Can Benefit Your Business

Compactors.  They’re a necessity on the job site for most concrete workers out there today.  But can a tamping rammer be a big asset to your business?

A rammer can not only make your life easier on site, but it can save you a ton of time, create a better end product, and consequently earn you a higher profit margin on jobs.

Before we get into that, let’s back up for those who are unfamiliar with rammers:



How-A-Tamping-Rammer-Works.gifA rammer is a machine that compacts the ground.  How it does this is different from a plate compactor.

Instead of using vibrations to settle the dirt below like a compactor, a rammer uses impact force to compress the ground.

In this diagram, you can see how a rammer (often nicknamed a ‘Jumping Jack’) literally lifts the foot of the machine off the ground and slams it back down. This translates to deeper compaction depths which are ideal in trenches and other tight spaces.


Because of a rammer’s upright-design, they’re most often seen in hard-to-reach places that a compactor might struggle in (like trenches and ditches).  Their small footprint and big punch mean that they can be easily maneuvered and cover ground without much difficulty.


If you want to read a more in-depth comparison of a compactor and rammer including the types of soil they perform best on, check out our blog Rammer VS Compactor: Which is Right for Me? to get the full story.



As we’ve explained, a rammer is great for a couple reasons:

  • They’re slim machines with small footprints
  • Their design lends itself to being easily maneuvered
  • Their compaction depth can be greater than a vibratory plate compactor
  • They work differently than a vibratory plate compactor, allowing you to compact different materials

Based on that, it’s easy to understand how a rammer is going to benefit your business.
If you can get a job done faster, it means your cost of labour decreases.  When your cost of labour decreases, the profit margin for a job becomes greater.

Not only will your labour cost decrease, but a trend will emerge from being able to deliver beyond your customers’ expectations. 

Your reputation as a fast, trustworthy contractor is going to earn you a larger audience and thus more potential to gain new customers and repeat business.

 All of that makes sense, but how does buying or renting a tamping rammer directly connect to benefitting your business and earning more?



Take a moment to evaluate your business needs.

Do you find that your compactor doesn’t establish layers as quickly as you need?  Do you find yourself taking extra time when excavating because working in trenches and tight spaces is difficult?

All of these might be your way of realizing that a rammer is going to pay for itself in no time.

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