How to Create a Diamond Blade Display Stand That Sells

We know that selling diamond blades is hard enough as it is. (Looking for a little help? Check out our blog How to Sell Diamond Blades in an Over-Saturated Market). With so many other dealers to compete against in a race to the bottom, you’ve got to do something to stand out from the crowd.

Even if you’ve done everything right and picked the best manufacturer’s blades to carry, things can still go sour if the diamond blade stand in your stores aren’t appealing to customers. It might not matter that you’ve got every quality type for every application. If your diamond blade stand sucks, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle.

So how do you create a diamond blade stand in your store that earns you money?

While the variables will be different depending on your customer base, geographical location, blade manufacturer, and so on, there are a couple of common elements that can contribute to moving more diamond blades.


1. Draw Attention in the Right Way

It makes sense that a quality product looks like a quality product.

When you go to an expensive restaurant, you expect a certain amount of effort put into the presentation of your meal. There shouldn’t be missing cutlery at your place setting and your steak shouldn’t be served on a dirty plate.

That’s because the look of what you’re buying needs to match customer perception.

If you’ve got a great collection of diamond blades that are outstanding products, making them actually look like outstanding products is the first step in getting your customers to be impressed with them and consider buying from you.

What are ways you can create an aesthetically pleasing stand?

Simple things like making sure it’s clean and uncluttered is a great start. Literally wiping any existing dirt, dust, scuffs off of the stand is going to make it look new and fresh.

Additionally, looking beyond the stand to the things that surround it is going to help. Are there things propped up against the display? Are there distracting elements on the wall around that would take your customers’ attention away from the stand? Keeping your stand clean and straightforward is going to be a big step in the right direction.

Additionally: consider lighting. If your diamonds are put in a dimly-lit back corner of your store, they’re probably not going to get as much foot traffic. But if your diamond blades are in a prominent spot of your store with tons of lighting, they’re going to naturally draw more attention.

In addition to all of these, there’s another key way to build your image and increase potential sales:


2. Private Labeled Blades

In order to boost your brand’s perception and further create an aesthetically pleasing stand, having private-labeled blades is going to make your stand look that much more professional.

That professional-looking brand is going to build trust for your customers which is going to make it easier to sell blades to these types of customers.

If your blades are unlabeled or your stand has a collection of blades from different vendors, it’s not going to look uniform and coherent.

This will drag down what customers think and will lower your sales. Private labeling blades is a sure way to make your stand look as excellent as possible.


3. Having Info Readily Available

Imagine you’ve got a potential customer in your store and they’re checking out your diamond blade display stand. The brightly lit, (literally) clean aesthetic, and private labeled blades will hopefully already be working to earn your customer’s trust and make it that much easier for you to make a sale.

Then the customer thanks you for your time and heads out the door after saying he’ll think about it.

What are the chances that guy is going to come back to your store to buy those blades like he promised? It’s hard to say, but one way to create a better likelihood of that happening is having information right there on your stand he can take and walk away with.

It’s a good idea to have product specification sheets or pamphlets that contain the relevant information for your customers on specific blades and categories. Getting something into the hands of your customers that they get to take away with them is going to make sure you’ve stayed in their mind sometime after they’ve left your store, and hopefully create a greater likelihood of them returning.

But it’s also important that these materials don’t look like they were created by a 12-year old still learning how to use a computer. In order to help your display stand create a great, lasting impression, you’ll need to have professionally designed sales info to give to these guys.

Some dealers do this type of work in-house, but this is by no means the norm. Instead, you should be able to ask your manufacturer for materials they can use to sell the blades. If they are unwilling to help you work on something or can’t provide necessary information, you may have to start looking at the bigger picture.


Making it Happen

In order to make these things a reality, you’re going to need a blade manufacturer that works with you to equip you for sales.

Even a greatly designed diamond blade display stand can’t make up for a poor manufacturer or one that is uninterested in helping you sell more blades.

It’s vital to have a company that not only stands behind their product, but stands behind you as a dealer. You need a manufacturer that can help you create a great stand that is clean, is private labeled, and has tons of information. These are some of the most powerful ways to create a diamond blade display stand that sells for you.

If you can’t say you have that, it might be time to start the search for a new blade manufacturer to make more sales.


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