Small Grinders: Best Options for Dealers and Rental Houses

Generally, we don’t like to do too many product focused blogs because we like offer objective educational information for our readers, and customers. However, with the recent addition of CONTEC North America to the Bartell Global Family, we wanted to show off a few awesome Grinders that are perfect for Dealers and Rental Houses to invest in for various reasons.

(The following information is specifically relevant to the North American market and Bartell Global’s North American customers.)



The Alpha 9” (aprox. 229mm) Grinder is our smallest CONTEC Grinder, it’s durable and reliable with incredible performance rates which are a few of the many reasons it is ideal for the rental industry.

The Alpha is powered by only 110 V single phase yet still reaches the class of 3 phase machines, while weighing in at only 93 lbs (42 kg). Why is this a benefit? Well, it’s easy to transport and use, even DIY users are able to move it without any additional investment in a truck or trailer making it more rentable. Additionally, because it is 110 V, it can be plugged in almost anywhere, including outlets you would find in your own house, making it that much more user friendly.

It’s great for a variety of job sizes, including small spaces.

A few other key benefits are:

  • It is dust free due to an integrated dust port (We suggest using an Ermator S13)
  • 1680 RPM
  • Variable speed option
  • Flexible drive coupling
  • Wide variety of tooling available for cutting and coating removal
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Grind up close to walls 

All of these benefits are not only for the user. The reason this machine is such a great investment for Dealers and Rental Houses is because it is relatively inexpensive and can be rented to a wide variety of customers, transcending multiple target markets. It is also incredibly reliable and durable meaning you won’t be spending a bunch of money of maintenance. It’s a win-win opportunity.



The OMEGA is another slightly larger Grinder we are thrilled to offer our customers. It’s available in 11.4” (aprox 290mm), 18” (aprox 457mm), and 28” (aprox 711mm). For simplicity sake we are going to talk about the 11.4” grinder today, but if you’re looking for something that is better for larger jobs, we highly suggest visiting our website to check out the other sizes, or reaching out with any questions you may have.  

The OMEGA 11.4” is a universal machine for concrete, asphalt, wood, steel and formwork. It is outstandingly versatile, and performs many different operations such as:

  • Grinding of concrete, steel, asphalt and more
  • Removal of paint and coatings
  • Edging work in buildings
  • Cleaning and maintenance of formwork
  • Cleaning of floors
  • Preparation of concrete

The OMEGA combines impressive high performance with low weight. The simplistic design ensures easy operation, and a comfortable user experience. The handlebar can be quickly adjusted for operator comfort and control, as well as noise and vibration levels are minimal during normal operation. This also helps with keeping the machine in working order because the user will have better control, which helps with damage prevention. This means as a Rental house or Dealer you’ll have less worries about maintenance.


The compact dimensions and low weight of the OMEGA allow it to pass through all doors and be easily transported to every floor level, even balconies. The OMEGA can grind within a few millimeters of a wall so it is perfect for edge grinding, eliminating the need for angle grinders. This is a benefit for Dealers and Rental companies because the versatility of the OMEGA grinder supplements the need to invest in an angle grinder, which ultimately saves the overhead costs of additional and unnecessary equipment.


Additionally, operating the OMEGA with a suitable dust extration system ensures dust free operation. This means you have more opportunity for increased rental potential if you have the appropriate dust collection equipment, but also that you offer equipment that complies with the OSHA Regulations and ensures a safe work environment for your customers.


Both of these machines are a great investment opportunity for Dealers and Rental Houses because they are relatively inexpensive in comparison to the huge ROI potential. They don’t require a lot of training or instruction, they’re user friendly and easily transportable, but most importantly, they’ll get the job done efficiently and effectively resulting in happy customers. Why not invest in something that will help you make money faster, and keep your customers happy?

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