Spider Plate Assemblies: The Key to a Fantastic Trowel

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If you’re running a power trowel, high production rates are what you’re after.  If the machines in this industry seem to all be the same, we want to let you in on exactly what makes one built better than the other.


The Key to an Incredible Machine

The Spider Plate Assembly is the foundation of a fantastic walk-behind or rider.  It’s also what separates a good unit from a great one.  Allow us to explain.

Some people think of Bartell trowels as light weight. While they are a bit lighter than most, our production rates are as good as, or better than, the competition’s.

How can a lighter unit out-perform a heavier unit? It’s all in the spider.  If you compare the precision matched parts used in our line-up with some of the competitors, it will make more sense.

Spider plate on concrete

We use precision matched spiders and trowel arms. For example our B446 pro series has only .007” (seven thousandths) tolerance between the arm diameter and the hub bore. That translates to an incredibly tight fit and arms that are always flat to the ground as shown.

Assembly Diagram

Some manufacturers use a series of pins and bushings between the arm and the hub.


The Danger in Less Precision

The beginning tolerances are as much as three times that of Bartell’s and will continue to wear. Instead of being rigid, these loose arms:

  • Require more passes to produce a flat surface
  • Can ride up over high spots easier
  • Involve more maintenance in replacing brushings
  • Create increased wear on machine parts

Spider plate on concrete

In the end, whether you’re looking for CVT clutches or higher horse power, always start with a good foundation (in this case, a spider).  With 44 different configurations available, a Bartell trowel can suit almost anyone’s needs.

Still not convinced our machines are right for you?  Give us a call and try one out for yourself.  We dare you not to be impressed.

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