Walk Behind Floor Removal Machine Purchase Check List

When looking to purchase a walk behind floor scraper there are a few key areas that you should pay attention to in order to make sure you are buying a unit that is going to help your business succeed. While some of these points may seem simple, they are often overlooked by even seasoned buyers. If you remember these 4 areas, you will get great ROI out of your floor scrapers.  



This is one aspect that we have talked about many times for all rental equipment and it holds true for floor scrapers. Having the proper power supply on these units is imperative because they will be used in many different types of places, such as houses and job sites. Houses tend to have different power capabilities than job sites. This will vary depending on which country you are in.


When deciding which power supply to order your scraper with, make sure you have evaluated what most of your market needs and buy for them. If you are dealing with different markets, it might be a good idea to buy a few of each kind, giving everyone what they need to get the job done effectively.



There is always a cheaper option out there if you look around. The issue with these products is they are generally sold online and/or by a sales group for an offshore manufacturer. Although these products and manufacturers may seem like a good idea, they can lack in quality and customer service. If there is a problem with the machine you purchased and it is not supported extremely well by the manufacturer, getting the service you need can really affect your business.


Not saying everything that is economical is a bad purchase, just make sure that you are buying from a manufacturer that has localised service and/or can support your floor scrapers properly from a distance.



At the end of the day, your floor scraper is there to make you money. You need to make sure that you purchase units that are not so over-priced that you can’t make money on them. This doesn’t mean look for the cheapest units, but look for units that offer the proper features to your market and are still in their price range or desired rental rate.



Walk Behind Floor Scrapers get beat up a lot. When you are looking around for new units, a couple of the most important things to pay attention to is, durability and reliability. If you have units that are breaking down all the time, you will have angry customers and lost revenue due to repair costs and lack of rentals.


So, how do you decide which units will be the best in this category. The first thing to look at is where the machines are made / assembled. If they come fully assembled from an offshore manufacturer you may have some issues with reliability due to the lack of quality that can sometimes be overlooked. If the units are built in Europe or North America, they will most likely be more reliable and durable. This is mainly because they will be supported by the manufacturer and they want to make sure warranty is not an issue.


Another thing to pay attention to is the overall build quality. Look at the type of material used on the machine, how beefy the wear parts look, etc. which can be a great tell of how durable a machine will be. If a manufacturer invested in high quality materials to build the frame and other aspects, you can be pretty sure it is a well build unit.


Paying attention to all of these key points as well as doing your own research will help you to invest in a quality piece of equipment that will ensure a great return on your investment.

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