What are some Unique features of SPE Shotblasters? [Video]


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Hi, I'm Mike Huggins.  I'm with SPE North America.  I'm in charge of North American sales for Shot blasters and Scarifiers.


What are some unique features of SPE Shot Blasters?

Some of the unique features that the SPE machines have:

They have spring loaded side seals that contain the shot as you're blasting. The spring loaded allows for a nice, tight bond between the surface of the area so that as you're blasting, it controls all the shot and returns the shot back into the machine itself.

Probably one of the most unique features of an SPE machine would be the fact that they have independent hydraulic drive motors. This allows the operator to:

  • move the machine forward,
  • fully control the movements left or right,
  • have full control over that machine,
  • and also allows them the unique feature of turning that machine on a dime.

Because of the compact nature of an SPE machine, and how it's designed, you can turn that machine in a very confined area that may be restricted with walls or posts or any type of obstruction that may be on your job site.

When you consider the fact that there are consumable aspects to shotblasting, one of those consumables are the blast paddles. Having the reversible feature again allows you not only to save money in terms of extending the wear of the blast paddle, but it also allows you to save time in terms of changing them out; time that you would have down in order to put in a new set. So when you think about those types of features, in theory this is going to allow us to have a longer lifespan for our consumables. You're going to get more out of the consumables that you're spending for your machine while you're doing shot blasting.

The SPE machines have a machine blast wheel support assembly. This allows the blast wheels to self-align as they're working, and it causes less bearing wear on the parts.

Another unique feature of the SPE machine, especially with our large blasters, is that you can disassemble the units--they're designed to come apart--so you can go through small, confined areas. This is extremely beneifical when you're doing projects like blasting oil tanks which have a very confined doorway. So taking our machine apart and reassembling that mahcine inside the environment is a huge differentiator for us, and a really big feature for the contractor making their job much easier.

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