What Kind of Concrete Buggy is Best For Your Business?

Concrete Buggies are an asset to any company that is doing a lot of transportation of concrete or general construction material. There are so many different brands and models of buggies out there, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for your business. It’s actually really simple when you break it down.The most important question to ask yourself when you are shopping around is what will I primarily be using this buggy for? Because of the different styles and sizes, your application will narrow your search greatly and help you find the perfect piece of equipment.

 In this blog, we are going to look at a few different types of buggies that are good for different applications to help you answer this question.  

Wheeled Buggies

DB17-Main.pngThese are the most common type of buggies on the market.  These machines range from just over wheelbarrow size to multiple yard capacities. Make sure you don’t buy a buggy that is too big for your business. Not only will it cost you a lot more money, it may actually hinder your productivity if it’s too big to maneuver. Do you need to be able to travel within a 36” or 48” fence gate? This is a common issue people run into. Make sure you check what kind of spaces you need to fit through as that will determine the size of machine you can get. 


Keep in mind how big your job sites are and make sure that the buggies are able to move around easily. These buggies are good if you are mainly running concrete back and forth a lot. The terrain in these areas tend to be fairly flat, making a wheeled buggy easy to operate.



Track buggies are similar to concrete buggies but they don’t normally travel as fast and can handle much more rugged terrain. If you or your customers are working on terrain that is hilly or mucky, these are perfect. Because of the tracks, they can easily deal with terrain such as mud, sand, and other hard to maneuver materials.

As these are the two main buggy types, it is a fairly easy decision to make. It really comes down to evaluating what kind of terrain environment you will be working in. The great thing about track buggies are that they can be used in both situations. If you’re looking for a versatile machine, a track buggy might be the way to go.

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