3 Customer Ideas for Terminators Made Reality

If you’ve ever had to phone in a complaint to a big name brand company, you can likely relate to the frustration that comes with being one small customer in relation to a massive corporation.

For Innovatech ride-on floor scrapers, we work hard to make sure that each and every person that uses one of our machines is recognized and valued.

One of the many ways we do that is to keep our engineering and manufacturing of our machines in-house, right here at our plant in the USA.


Many times over the years we’ve had customers make suggestions, whether that be by calling us up or making a statement without thinking.

With our Terminator floor scrapers, we’ve got three new features you suggested added to our refreshed line-up that we think are going to make using our machines that much more beneficial.



Having a clear visual of your working area is imperative to doing a good job. In certain situations, lighting can be poor and being able to see exactly what you’re scraping becomes nearly impossible.

With the addition of an LED light panel to the front of our Terminator floor scraper, you never need to worry about being left in the dark again.

With an adjustable mount that can be aimed lower or higher, you’ll get a clear view of your working area all of the time.


You asked, we listened: 2 USB charging ports are now standard on every Terminator.

Being able to charge your phone or other devices while on the job can help keep your staff connected when on the job site.

We had a valued customer make a comment in jest about how it would be cool to be able to charge his mobile device while on the go and we decided to make this dream a reality.


One of our long-time and loyal customers to the Terminator floor scraper is a contractor we have in Hawaii. Having owned a number of our machines, he spotted an opportunity to make our machines more robust.

On an older generation of Terminators, there were only three hinges that held the hood to the battery compartment on the machines. If there were four hinges, the customer noted, the hood would be more secure and the possibility of those hinges wearing out would be greatly reduced.

We took that suggestion and applied it. Now every Terminator has four hinges attached to the hood instead of 3.



It’s that simple. We keep in close contact with our customers because we’re sincerely interested in making our machines stronger and more durable to exceed industry standards.

These ideas are valuable to us and we hope that choosing a Bartell Global product gives you the confidence in our innovation and drive to make the best machines on the market.

You never know: you might have the next idea that becomes the flagship feature on a new line of concrete equipment.

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