3 Features You Need to Have on Your Forward Plate Compactor

Forward Plate Compactors are used for compacting many different kinds of base materials when prepping for concrete, pavers, and many other types of applications. Compaction is one of the most important parts in the construction process. Poor compaction can lead to the base shifting over time which can ruin an entire project.

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In this blog, we are going to highlight 3 features that are extremely helpful to have on a forward compactor. The following features will make using the compactor much easier, and help when moving it around jobs.

Wheel Kit

Wheel kits are an add-on that is often overlooked when comparing units. Although the wheels only work well in some applications, they are fantastic for moving plate compactors around the shop, showroom, and even many job sites. Depending on the type of units that you are looking at buying or renting, you may notice some come with a wheel kit included and others are available at an extra upgrade cost.

Whatever unit you decide to go with, getting it equipped with a wheel kit is a great option that will make moving the plate compactor around much easier and save you time over the long run.

Bartell's Forward Plate Compactors comes standard with a wheel kit included at no extra cost.

Handle Mounted Throttle Control

Most Forward Plate Compactors have the throttle control located on the actual engine. This is an awkward position, especially when you are needing to stop the unit after you are finished compacting. Also, having to bend down and stop the unit while it is still moving forward can be a safety hazard. We suggest using a forward compactor that has the throttle control mounted on the handle. Even though this is a simple feature, it eliminates the need to bend down and trying to stop the unit while it's still moving. A handle mounted throttle control makes the overall operation of forward plate compactor much easier and safer.

Built in Hoist Hook

A secure and trustworthy lifting point on a plate compactor that wont slip, is a necessity. This is usually a standard feature offered on most plate compactors, but sometimes it is an upgrade and extra cost. Make sure to keep an eye out to see if it come's standard or if you'll need to purchase the upgrade.

These features may seem small, but they will add to the overall experience and benefit of your forward plate compactor. Make sure you compare these key features when you are researching what unit may be good for you.


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