Buying a Plate Compactor: 2 Lesser-Known Features to Consider


While it's important to understand that your mileage may vary when it comes to the importance of these overlooked buying points, the overall message of them should still apply. Whether you're a pro or it's your first time using one of these machines, keep these two features in mind. We've written about a key feature to look for when buying a plate compactor and also two ways to get more out of your purchase.

Some of these things might be obvious to the experienced user, but we still see two important features get lost in the search for the right compactor.

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Whether or not it will make a huge difference in your day-to-day operations, understanding what base plate you're getting is going to help determine your overall satisfaction with the machine.

Generally speaking, steel tends to be found on lighter and smaller plates because of its less-expensive nature. Some contractors argue that steel is a little less efficient at compacting than using cast-iron.

Iron is the material found on large compactors with significant weight and big compaction force. The iron is said to provide a more productive performance, something you would expect from a machine with a much bigger price tag.



Often overlooked is an anti-vibration handle. In theory, it makes total sense: using a vibrating machine for hours at a time is going to be uncomfortable if the operator feels every shake.

While it is quickly becoming standard in a lot of line-ups, still not every compactor comes with an anti-vibration handle.

If you need to use these machines for extended use, ensuring you get something that will put your operators in the best-possible posture and experience is going to create comfort.

However, one thing to be aware of is that some countries across the world have laws and regulations that restrict the amount of time a user can operate machines that involve heavy vibrations. For this reason, an anti-vibration handle might be a feature that you cannot pass up.



There are so many features to consider when buying or renting a machine. Don't let these two often-overlooked ones make it past your critique. Try out a variety of machines with different features to find out what is going to be the best for you.

Choosing the right machine is less often a debate of right and wrong, but is more adequately described what is best for you.

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