2 Factors That Make a Solid Ride-On Floor Scraper

When you’re making an investment on a brand new piece of equipment like a ride-on floor scraper, you want to have peace-of-mind that your new machine is exactly what you’re looking for.

While there are a ton of options on the market for contractors today, there are two factors we often hear about that seem to separate a good machine from a great machine.

These tips can also help you avoid the top mistake made when buying a ride-on floor scraper.



You might think that variable speed would be a standard feature on ride-on floor scrapers, but we can tell you it’s not.

Going from a standstill to full-throttle when using the machine is hard on the rider. His movements are less precise and the jerking motion creates discomfort which leads to operator fatigue.

Spending any bit of time on a scraper that throws you around is going to be taxing, but having a machine that has smooth and precise speed control is going to ensure a comfortable experience for the operator.

So, what is the greatest benefit of variable speed? It’s the ability to be precise when working. The risk involved in working against posts or walls is eliminated almost altogether.



When tearing up hardwood or ceramics with a ride-on floor scraper, the flooring being removed can get shoved up past the jaw and sent into the body of the machine.

What happens if a hydraulic cable is exposed at this point? What happens if your internal components are exposed?

Damage. That’s what happens. Sometimes resulting in costly repairs.

Thankfully, the solution is obvious: concealed cables and hydraulic lines. If these delicate and integral components are guarded by the metal body of the machine, there’s no risk in them being accidentally torn while working.

Think of it this way:

Would you weld a piece of steel without a welding mask on? Not likely. Your face (and eyes, especially) don’t have any protective barrier between a dangerous task and something easily damaged.

In the same way, why would you buy a floor scraper with exposed cables? We all know that pulling up a floor is not always a clean and easy process. Don’t take the risk of buying a machine that is fundamentally prone to damage.



We firmly believe in the validity of properly concealing internal components on a machine and the importance of having variable speed.

For example, the Terminator series of floor scrapers all have metal behind the jaw of the machine to protect from stray debris. In addition, every one of our machines has variable speed.

Because our machines are engineered right here in-house, we have total control over the manufacturing process and are constantly updating to our machines to make them better for contractors.


Variable speed and concealed components are the two most crucial components in our floor scraper lineup and we firmly believe they make the ultimate difference between a good machine and a great one.

Not convinced? Give us a call and book a time to try one out. After you’ve tried out a Terminator, there’s no way you’ll be able to choose anything else.

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