John Hill

What is a Vertical Shot Blaster?

By John Hill December 9, 2016

Vertical Shot Blasters are a very unique piece of equipment that not everyone has had the..

What is a Scarifier?

By John Hill November 11, 2016

Scarifiers are incredibly beneficial when used appropriately for the purpose they were created for...

Enclosed Shot Blasting Vs. Open Blasting: What Would You Choose?

By John Hill July 21, 2016

Shot Blasting is a form of surface preparation that utilizes a couple different execution options...

Enclosed Shot Blasting VS. Grinding: Common Misconception

By John Hill July 8, 2016

If you have spent any time in the surface preparation industry, I’m sure you have heard many big..

Shot Blasting Profile Basics: What You Need to Know

By John Hill July 4, 2016

Shot Blasting is a type of surface preparation that is a bit underrated. Over the past few years..


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