Walk Behind Trowel Set-Up & Basic Operation (Video)

This video blog is a quick overview on the set-up and basic operation of Bartell Walk Behind Trowels. It will highlight the basic, yet important things to know and do to ensure the best operation of your Walk Behind Trowel. If you’re interested in more Walk Behind Trowel specs and details, click HERE to visit the webpage.  



Welcome to the Bartell Global training video for Walk Behind Trowels.

How To Start Your Walk Behind Trowel (00:11- 00:43)


  • Before starting your trowel, be sure to put oil and gas into the engine.
  • Fill the oil level to the brim of the spout.
  • To start the engine, turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position.
  • Open the fuel line by pushing the black tab to the right.
  • If the engine is cold, move the grey choke tab to the left to close the choke.
  • When the engine warms, up you will need to move the grey choke tab back to the right to open the choke.
  • To start the engine, pull quickly on the engine pull cord.


Checking The Gearbox Oil (00:44-00:51)

Before operating the unit, ensure the gearbox oil is filled to the white line.


Greasing The Spider Arms (00:52-00:59)

Ensure your spider arms are greased before each use.



Changing Your Trowel Blades (01:00-01:51)


  • To change the blades, remove the blades and hardware from the box. -All Grizzly Blades are equipped with new hardware that should be used to fasten to the spider arms.
  • To change the blades, first remove the bolts of the old blades.
  • When the bolts are removed, slide the blades out from under the machine.
  • Slide the new blades under the spider arms and align the holes.
  • Once the holes are aligned insert the new hardware into the spider arm holes; ensure the smallest bolt is used in the hole closest to the gearbox.
  • Ensure the bolts are tightened securely.


Adjusting The Blade Bitch (01:52-02:11)

When using the Easy Pitch, to change the pitch of the blades squeeze the trigger on the easy pitch handle and move the lever to your desired position.


When using the Standard Pitch control option, turn the knob on the handle to the left to lower the pitch or to the right to raise the pitch.



Operating The Trowel (02:12-02:43)


  • With The engine running, adjust the speed of the blades with the throttle control.
  • To steer the trowel to the right, push it down on the handle.
  • To move the trowel to the left, pull up on the handle.

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